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LCRM: Stage 1 Risk Assessment

Preliminary assessment (desktop study) to identify potentially unacceptable risks associated with historic contamination. Devise an initial Conceptual Site Model (CSM) through plausible source-pathway-receptor linkages based on the anticipated level of risk and the proposed end use of the site, and indicate what level of intrusive investigation needs to be completed thereafter to quantify the risk.


LCRM: Intrusive Site Investigation & Remediation

All aspects of environmental and geotechnical intrusive investigation undertaken to confirm ground conditions, obtain ground strength data via in-situ field testing, and collect representative samples of soil and/or groundwater for independent laboratory analysis.


Including interpretative or factual reporting, ground gas monitoring and risk assessment in accordance with BS8485 (where required), and the provision of LCRM Stage 3 remedial strategies, oversight of remedial works, and verification reporting.




Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA), Investigation & Remediation

Preliminary site assessment in accordance with Coal Authority guidance to identify the level of risk associated with recorded or potential ground instability and mining-related hazards where development is to occur in Development High Risk areas. 

Undertake intrusive investigation works via rotary openhole boring to confirm the depth to, condition and thickness of coal beneath a site and any workings it may contain. 

Provide remedial works via a Grouting Specification, oversight of remedial works, and verification reporting.

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